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"Importance Of Lord Ganesha In Indian Culture And Art"

From the image of only an elephant representing Lord Ganesha to depictions that are effectively paired with modern forms of art, the evolution of Ganesha paintings and other art forms has been quite inspiring. While the overall theme in modern paintings continues to remain the same, the style and medium have changed while catering to the newly developed tastes and preferences of art lovers.

While the overall style of depicting art form keeps changing from time to time, the basic elements of Ganesha paintings remain the same. He is depicted through arms in different forms and even numbers.

Ganesha is associated with luck, success, and prosperity in life. Nowadays, Ganesha paintings are created by bringing into effect a perfect blend of both traditional as well as modern forms of art.

Ganesha has been beautifully depicted in various forms as well as patterns across several centuries. Therefore, Ganesha represents the overall well-being, survival, and conservation. In famous Ganesha paintings, you can come across depictions of the deity either seated or standing, playing any musical instrument, writing a scripture, eating ladoos, dancing, or even practicing yoga. Ganesha is not just portrayed as the ultimate God but also as a friend to children. Ganesha can be seen at the Bomakollus in Tamil Nadu during the festival of Dussehra in different forms, even a whole team of Ganesha playing Cricket.

Artists and craftsmen have long considered Ganapati to be the subject of many of their artworks, deeply rooted in Indian culture and present in many households. Lord Ganesha became a symbol of wisdom, luck, happiness, and sovereignty in every household. He is regarded as the most admired deity of Hindus and is a popular gift option among the members of the Hindu community. Hindus often gift Ganesha paintings and idols to mark the inauguration of a new office or a house.

There is, however, an unexplored aspect of Ganesha that very few of us are aware of. There has always been an influence of Ganesha on Indian culture, and artists have been inspired to portray his life in their work.

Ganapati has become every artist’s delight. They claim that they can play with his form. A new form of Ganesha can be acquired with a single stroke. That is what makes this deity so fascinating. Whether one is painting abstracts, digitally, or with materials, or sculptures, Ganesha’s form is versatile that appeals to all artists. Kerala Mural, Tanjore painting, Tribal art, Paatachitra, Warli art, Kaavi art, to name a few; are some art forms depicting the eternal bond between Ganapati and Indian art. Nowadays, Ganesha paintings are designed in a manner that fits both traditional and contemporary décor. Ganesha idols and frames have become one of the most popular décor items. As you go through a random visit to any Indian house hold, Indian art exhibition or gallery, you will be impressed to come across beautiful depictions of Lord Ganesha in different paintings and multiple other art forms. Ganesha seamlessly mingles with both artistic and mythical segments to be selected as your home décor item.

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