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"Candles for Home Decor"

Turning a property into a home can be challenging. For many people, the house has a special meaning, as it is the environment where residents have fun, recharge their energy, and can have time and space reserved for self-knowledge, welcoming, and cultivation of creativity. The decoration is very important in the search for the perfect home space, ideal to express one's personality and promote a feeling of coziness and harmony in each room.

Finding comfort and ways to make everyday life lighter and more profitable at home has always been essential for maintaining mental and body health. Those who have been spending more time inside have started paying more attention to each part of the home and think about ways to redesign or decorate, aiming to make everyday life more pleasant.

Candles are a suitable addition to practically all styles of environment and serve as decorative props, both lit and unlit, in addition to allowing aromas to influence the mood, provide well-being, and create a more intimate atmosphere in the practice of diverse self-care rituals.

Candles work very well as decorative items, alone or as complements when placed with other items such as paintings, vases, small lamps, books, sculptures, among other options. Another way to decorate is to choose two or more candles, of different sizes to generate balance and harmony and place them inside a tray, which can vary between materials such as wood, concrete, marble, or ceramics.

For those who prefer to bet on a more discreet or minimalist decor, models in neutral colors, totally wax, based on raw cement or painted in light tones, and resins can be easily inserted as ornaments and give a personal and chic touch. For those who choose a more relaxed style, resorting to the most colorful and unique molds helps keep the room feel more vivid and lively.


Aromatherapy is also a way to take advantage of all the product's features and make the environment more welcoming through a sensory experience. After a turbulent day, there is nothing like taking the time to take care of and reconnect with yourself without haste. With the aromatized candle burning, the pleasant smell that spreads through the environment has a relaxing effect and increases the feeling of comfort. The aromas can vary, commonly, between lavender, sandalwood, citronella, rosemary, and lemongrass.

Why to Decorate your home with candles?

Creates an ambience.

The look of candle burning in beams of soft light can help to smooth out the rough edges of the day. If arranged pleasantly with just the right accessories, a candle can really transform the look of any area in your home. Continue reading to know more about home decor with candles.

Sets a mood

Above all, there is just something really inviting and intimate about a room with a flickering candle in it. The act of lighting candles stands in contrast to the overload we experience in our stressful days creating a soft glow accompanied by a stress-relief ambiance.

Spreads the scent

Good-smelling candles have the power to tranport you to other lives! All you have to do is pick your favourite scent and start lighting up your candle. For instace, you can choose a romantic mood or lively one, a relieving spirit or a refreshing one to name a few. So, just trust in the power of your home decor with candles to completely elevate your home experience.

Ways to Use Candles to Enhance Your Home's Interior Design

If you're looking for ways to improve your home’s interior decor by using candles then you came to the right place. Here are few ways to use candles to enhance your home’s interior design.

Center Piece

The most common way to use candles when it comes to decorating your interior is by using them as a centerpiece for either your coffee table or your dining table.

On the coffee table, you can choose between pillar candles of various colors or varying heights, candles in decorative tins or containers to match your pillows and sofa, or you can choose smaller candles in different shapes like squares, spheres, and stars to give your space more character. Here’s an idea, place a candle on your vanity tray and complete the look with fresh flowers. You can also choose scented candles to bring something extra to your space.

Candles as centerpieces for your dining table are not just for aesthetics, they're also functional. Centerpiece candles are warm and welcoming, and they provide wonderful lighting for dinners. It’s easy to arrange and you can always change it up by rearranging them or mixing them in with other decorative elements such as flowers and crystals. You can also place pebbles in a glass filled with water and add in some floating candles. A candle centerpiece will last for many meals in your home.

By the Window

Do you love spending some time by the window? Maybe you like reading books or maybe you just like looking out the window as you watch people walking by and life happening right in front of you. Or better yet, do you have an amazing view of nature and you just can’t stay away from your window space?

Well, your windows don’t have to be lonely, you can spruce them up by hanging a DIY-candle wreath to brighten up your favorite window spot, or you can also arrange small glass candles near a window. You can even pair your candles with succulents and combine the natural energy of your succulents with the aesthetic and functional element of the candle.

On the Porch

If you’re the type of person who loves relaxing outside, then a candle arrangement on the porch is the right fit for you. There’s nothing more relaxing than watching the stars at night with a cup of tea and some mood lights courtesy of your candle arrangement —more so during winter time too!

Have you heard of ice candles? It’s a fun and creative way to decorate your porch! You can even have the kids help out. The first thing to do is make ice cups or buckets. A nice trick would be to fill a cup or bucket with water, place a container on top, and leave it overnight to freeze. You can also use icicles or shapes made of snow to create ice candles. Arrange your ice bucket the way you like it, invert it and put a small candle inside. You can also just arrange your icicles and candles on the porch and then sit back, relax, and enjoy the flickering effect of your candles around the ice.

Hanging Lights

Firefly lights have become a trend over the years but did you know that before that, people used candles? There are two ways to do this, DIY or store bought. You can upcycle your old wine bottles and turn it into a hanging candle lantern, or get a few hanging round bubble tea light candle holders and arrange them in your corner of choice. You can also find other decorative hanging candle holders in the market and choose depending on your home’s interior. This idea isn’t just for indoors, you can also use the same idea for your outdoor space!

In your Reading Nook!

Here’s a little something for the book lovers and avid readers out there! You can amplify the experience of getting lost in the pages of your favorite books by having a lovely display of candles and other decorative or edible elements in your reading nook.

Decide on what type of candle you want to use for your space. Container candles and pillar candles can both work but it depends on where you’re placing your candle setup. Once you’ve decided on the candle of choice, you can take a few small bowls and fill it up with pebbles and roses or maybe chocolates and fruits, depending on what you prefer when you read. We advise against mixing both edible and decorative bowls as we wouldn’t want you to mistakenly pick up rose petals thinking it was chips while you’re so engulfed with reading – yikes!

In the Bathroom

Another common way to use candles for your home interior is by using it in your bathroom. It’s another way to make the most out of your candles as it’s not just going to be a decorative piece in this room, it’s also going to be functional.

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a bubble bath with a few candles lit around your tub to make it feel cozy and warm. You can also choose scented candles for a bit of aromatherapy, and maybe a glass of wine after a hard day out.

Bedroom or Bedside

Candles and bedrooms have something in common. They are not only meant for relaxation, they’re also made for romance and passion. Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is where candles give off the coziest vibe. You can place one on a bedside table and light it up as you relax after a long day, or create a romantic mood for you and your partner as you prepare for a special night.

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